Richard C. Reuben, the James Lewis Parks Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law and one of the nation’s foremost mediation and arbitration scholars and teachers, is now accepting cases in commercial, employment, tort, real estate, public law, and other areas.


• Stanford Law School, L.L.M. and J.S.D.
• Harvard Law School, Post-Doctoral Study
• Georgia State University, J.D. and B.A.

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Richard C. Reuben


Professor Reuben brings an enormous wealth of experience to his cases, including intimate familiarity with a wide range of practice areas and well-honed expertise in judgment and decision-making. He is particularly adept at working with party bias, factual complexity, and the law in arriving at sound and accurate decisions. Before becoming a law professor, Reuben served as a reporter covering the U.S. Supreme Court for the ABA Journal and other legal publications for more than a decade, and also maintained an appellate criminal law practice for many years. He also served as a Rapporteur for the drafting of the Uniform Mediation Act. Reuben frequently consults with private law firms on a variety of civil dispute resolution issues, as well as state and federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Justice, the World Bank International Finance Corporation, and the Securities Division of the Missouri Secretary of State. He is currently a pro bono consultant to the Missouri Supreme Court Task Force on Rule 17 (ADR).


• Missouri Bar (pending)
• California Bar
• Pennsylvania Bar
• District of Columbia Bar (inactive)
• Member of the editorial board of the ABA’s Dispute Resolution Magazine
• Founding chair of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Committee on Public Policy, Consensus Building and Democracy

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