United States Arbitration & Mediation


Established in 1985

Providing Alternative Dispute Resolution throughout the USA.

USA&M is a client based Alternative Dispute Resolution administrator providing a skilled panel of mediators and arbitrators to the legal, business and insurance community nationwide. USA&M was established in 1985 and is now the largest provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Midwest. The USA&M Staff has administered the alphabet soup of litigation from the common auto case to the difficult wrongful death matter. Our expertise extends from the will contest to the complex large class action matters.

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The USA&M mediators are specially selected and receive yearly advanced training to hone and polish their skills.

Our well equipped conference center allows the parties to focus on their case in an atmosphere conducive to settlement.

Submittal of cases to USA&M for Arbitration or Mediation is quick and easy. We look forward to working with you on your next case.

Congratulations to the following for being inducted into the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals!

Hon. Robert Cohen

George Fitzsimmons

Michael Geigerman

Kim Kirn

Melvin Kennedy

Rob Litz

Jay McCauley

Jim Reeves