What our clients are saying about us...

“I had a wonderful experience with our mediator. It was a tough and contentious mediation and she was kind and patient. Valet Parking was a fabulous bonus. Snacks were great. Atmosphere was nice. Staff friendly and professional. My client felt comfortable.” – Mary Anne
“Our mediator was excellent. Professional, effective and a pleasure to work with.” – H.S.
“Judge did an excellent job utilizing his experience from the bench and knowledge of the law. This case was based upon a very specialized area of law. Judge studied up on it and was well prepared.” 
“Our mediator was great. Achieved responsible settlement for both parties.” – Thomas H.
“Excellent as always!” – Kathleen H.
“The Judge is one of the best mediators I have encountered.” – Philip W.
“Judge was excellent. I will highly recommend him as a mediator to my colleagues.” – Dave E.
“My client was very pleased.” – Brandon M.
“I think both the program and mediator are excellent – that is why I continue to use USA&M”  – Greg S. 
“Thanks for all you do every year for my clients in arranging mediations and taking such great care of us. I wish you could see the difference I see every month across the country at different mediation vendors. Trust me, you are the best at what you do.”  – Matt D.
“It was a pleasure mediating this case with USA&M! My client was very happy with the outcome and experience”  – Michelle R.
“Our mediator was very professional and did a good job handling a difficult mediation.” – Robert H.
“Just a note to thank you for your efforts, expertise and patience during the many hours of mediation last week. You made the experience interesting, understandable, certainly productive and enjoyable. I appreciate all of it!”  -Dolores B.
“My mediator was really invested in working to get this matter resolved.” -Tim C.
“One of my favorite experiences mediating.” – T.M.
“Our mediator was professional, polite & highly knowledgeable. I could not have asked for a better mediator in this matter and we will use/recommend her in the future.” – Ben S. 
“Our mediator was very professional and did a good job handling a difficult mediation.” – Robert H.

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