USA&M Arbitration Fee Schedule

For each arbitration claim and counterclaim, USA&M charges a filing fee of $1000 for a typical two party case. For each additional party, an additional $500 fee will be due. Parties are defined as those needing separate legal counsel and/or a separate insurance company representative. Filing Fees are non-refundable.

Arbitrator time for matters conducted within the St. Louis metropolitan area is charged at the rate of $325-$550 per hour. Arbitrator time for matters conducted outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area will be charged at local rates. 

Arbitrators are entitled to compensation for all time spent on the case, including preparation time, telephone time, attendance at the arbitration hearing, follow up and travel time. A portion of the hourly rate is retained by USA&M as part of its charges. USA&M is entitled to reimbursement for any administrative expenses such as delivery charges.

When a hearing is cancelled after an arbitrator has scheduled a date for the hearing, he/she is entitled to request a cancellation fee of at least 2 hours, unless the arbitrator is able to schedule another hearing or mediation on the original hearing date.

Consumer Addendum of the USA&M Consolidated Arbitration Rules

Filing Fees for Consumer Arbitrations according to the Consumer Addendum of the USA&M Consolidated

Arbitration Rules are as follows:

If the consumer initiates the arbitration, the consumer’s responsibility shall be limited to the following:

• $200 filing fee only for claims less than $25,000
• $500 filing fee only for claims between $25,000 and $75,000
• $500 filing fee and one half of all arbitrator compensation and arbitration expenses for claims greater than $75,000
• The non-consumer shall be responsible for all costs and fees not specifically required to be paid by the consumer.

If the non-consumer party initiates the arbitration, then the non-consumer claimant shall be responsible for the filing fees for both parties, as well as deposits for all arbitrator compensation and expenses.

The filing fee is due to be paid at the time of the filing of the claim or counterclaim. An Initial Deposit Invoice for arbitrator compensation and expenses will be billed after the claim is filed. Supplemental billings will be made as circumstances require and are due within 10 days. Invoices are usually divided equally between the parties, although payment of all fees by one side is not unusual. All payments must be received prior to the issuance of an award.

Should you so desire, lunch can be provided to the parties on the day of the hearing at an approximate charge of $13 per person.