What's the News?

Miles Mediation & Arbitration (Miles), the largest alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider in the Southeast, has acquired United States Arbitration & Mediation (USA&M), the premier ADR provider in the Midwest.

Why is USA&M joining miles?

“Joining Miles provides USA&M with an exciting opportunity to streamline our case scheduling process and to offer technological enhancements that will improve our client experience,” says mediator and arbitrator Rob Litz, president of USA&M. “We will continue to provide the outstanding level of service our clients have come to expect, and our clients, neutrals, and staff can expect continuity as we expand and grow. We have always provided experienced neutrals who are skilled at resolving conflict, and we will continue to do so. Miles and USA&M will also share best practices to improve support of our clients and neutrals.”To maintain that continuity, Litz will remain in his role as president of USA&M, and the company will still do business as USA&M.

We’re very excited to welcome USA&M to Miles,” says Parag Shah, Miles’ CEO. “USA&M is known for its exceptional client experience, bolstered by a panel of experienced mediators and arbitrators, and a strong focus on customer service. This union brings together two client-centric, leading ADR providers with the goal of continuing to deliver value to the clients of both companies by expanding the ADR options we offer them.”

What does this mean for me?

“The day-to-day operations of USA&M will not change. From the outside, it’s business as usual for our clients and our neutrals,” says Litz. “But joining our companies will allow our neutrals to network with each other, enhance the suite of services we provide our clients, and make our processes more efficient. It’s a great opportunity for both companies.”“Our companies’ cultures are a natural fit, and we believe this move will bring lasting benefits to the neutrals, employees, and clients of both organizations.”Litz will remain in his role of president of USA&M, and the company will continue to operate under its business name.

What is going to change?

USA&M’s clients, neutrals, and staff can expect:
  • Streamlined case scheduling processes
  • Technological enhancements
  • Sharing best practices to improve support of clients and neutrals
Miles’ clients, neutrals, and staff can expect:
  • Welcoming the USA&M neutrals and staff to the Miles’ team
  • Sharing best practices to improve support of clients and neutrals

What is Not going to change?

USA&M’s clients, neutrals, and staff — and Miles’ clients, neutrals, and staff — can expect:
  • The same panel of highly qualified, experienced neutrals
  • The same commitment to providing clients with the highest level of expertise, experience, and support
  • Continuity during this transition

What is Miles mediation and Arbitration?

Miles Mediation & Arbitration was founded in 2000 and has seven offices throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, Jacksonville, Nashville, Savannah, and Tampa. The company combines the expertise of its highly skilled and diverse panel of ADR professionals with an unparalleled level of client support to guide and empower parties to fair, timely, and cost-effective resolution regardless of case size, specialization, or complexity.

What is United States Arbitration and Mediation?

United States Arbitration & Mediation was founded in 1985 and has been providing mediation services throughout Missouri and Illinois and administering arbitrations throughout the U.S. from its St. Louis, Missouri office since then. The company’s neutrals are seasoned professionals who receive regular advanced training to keep up with ADR and legal trends, and the USA&M staff provides the highest level of client support and service at its state-of-the-art office.