Retired Judge of the Twenty-first Judicial Circuit, St. Louis County (1975- 1972), including Presiding Judge (1981-1982)


Undergraduate & Master’s Degree, Washington University (1944); Law Degree, Harvard Law School (1947).

Hon. Arthur Litz


Judge Litz has presided over approximately 400 civil jury trials. He practiced law in St. Louis for 28 years with the law firms of Boyle, Priest & Elloit; Albert Hausman, Dubinsky & Duggan; Chapman & Chapman; Chapman & Litz. During his tenure as Presiding Judge, he instituted pre-trial conferences of pending civil cases, judge-attorney mediation conferences with problems concerning multiple parties and limited insurance coverage in damage suits. Judge Litz has served as President of the State Trial Judges Section of the Missouri Judicial Conference (1982-1983), on a panel of three under the Non-Partisan Court Plan for the Missouri Supreme Court (1986) and as Special Judge for the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District.


President (past), St. Louis County Law Library; Chair, Historical Society of St. Louis County; Book Review Editor, St. Louis Bar Journal; Author, Missouri Bar Journal; Author, St. Louis Bar Journal.